4HB after a month

Just a quick update on my progress after a month I have lost 6.3kg.

On average I lost around 0.4kg per day but on cheat days I gained from 1kg to 1.8kg.

I think the cheat days were very important as I don’t think I would be able to sustain this diet without them.

In general we have been having the same meals over and over again:

  • Scrambled eggs (4 whites + 1 whole egg) or a low carb protien shake for breakfast
  • Naked burrito from Mad mex or Thai curry (no rice) for lunch
  • Chicken breast with salad or steamed veges for dinner

Moving into the second part of my plan I’m going to add some Garcinia Cambogia to my intake and see how I go. Hopefully if it works as it should it should enhance my regular fat burning.

4HB Day Seven, Eight, Nine

So as expected after my first cheat day I put on 1.1kg but still an overall 2.1kg loss.

After Day Nine I lost 0.5kg for a total loss of 2.6kg so far and a total loss of 10cm.

Things are still going well in terms of motivation to continue the diet and the lack of variety isn’t really getting to me.

Getting up early isn’t as hard as before but still sucks.

I found pourable egg whites at the supermarket so that is a big bonus.

I’m keen to see how long it takes to lose the weight I put back on during my cheat day and how much I lose before my next one which is this Friday.

4HB Day Four Five Six

Days Four and Five went as usual nothing to report other than 3.2kg loss over the first five days of the new diet.

Day Six (Saturday) is my cheat day this week so I had:

Breakfast: Four crumpets with butter and golden syrup

Lunch: Two sausages on bread with onion, tomato sauce and american mustard + Coke Zero

Dinner: Steak and vegetables including potato + Pepsi Max

Snacks: Milky Bar, Starburst Snakes and Milk

4HB Day Three

Measurements say I lost 1.1kg yesterday and a total of 1.7kg in the first two days, a very good start but still to be confirm.

My measurements of circumference are prone to error I believe but I will keep taking them to show the overall progress.

I had baked beans with my breakfast this morning for some flavour but I’m unsure how the sauce will affect me.

Had the regular lunch and dinner and a couple of poached eggs for afternoon tea.

Four Hour Body

So, I’ve decided I’m going to try to implement the suggestions in the book The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

I’m going to blog my experience here under a Four Hour Body category.

Hopefully that will keep me accountable.

Stay tuned for the plan.